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Iran’s Relationship with Syria

Syria and Iran are found in Asia. The two countries have experienced terror and missile attacks over the past decades. Terrorism planning has been associated with the two countries due to the constant terror activities that they experience. A report by the United States and the United Kingdoms have listed Syria and Iran as the sole terrorist sponsors. Claims of terrorism funding have made people associate Syria to Iran.

There has been simultaneous signing and formation of treaties and alliances between Syria and Iran which proves that the two states are connected. The most conspicuous alliance that the two countries formed was that against Iraqi when it was under the rule of President Saddam Hussein. Syria and Iran formed this alliance that led to the constant attacks that they directed to Iraqi. Syria and Iran have developed a tendency of forming alliances to attack their common enemies. Previous battles that Syria and Iran have participated in have helped them gain strength in the battle fronts.

The two nations are strategically positioned in a way that is favorable for the execution of war strategies and plans. Syria is located at the southwest part of Asia as Iran is at the west, making the two countries neighbors who can coordinate efficiently. Coordination has helped the two countries to quickly plan and execute their plans that result in the successful attacks.

Syria and Iran are also homes to the highest population of the Arabs of the Asian continent. This means that the two countries are primarily Muslim states that are associated with jihadist wars and terror attacks. The close relationship between the two counties is linked with their religious beliefs that they hold so close. The religious beliefs also help the two countries to have a clear understanding over issues with war and attacks.

Superpower countries are forced with war from Syria and Iran who seek to be superior just like the rest. Syria has been in the frontline of attacking superpower counties so that they gain back the power they once had. Iran has been supporting the fight for superpower by Syria. The creation of missile has been aided by the scientific production of explosives that is taught to the larger population of Syrians and Iranians. Weapons created to be used in battles are easily affordable, and this reduces the cost of production for both countries.

Syria and Iran have grown closer as they continue to associate each other with their plans. Iran and Syria are closely linked.

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